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Welcome to Clarets in Thailand

Clarets in Thailand is for all supporters of Burnley Football club here in Thailand, around Thailand, visiting Thailand or just visiting the website from anywhere. We are here to enjoy and support the Clarets and to help others do so.
Clarets in Thailand started out in the promotion season but with the advent of Premier status regular viewing of the Clarets in pubs and bars became possible across Thailand.
Unfortunatly our first Premiership experience was a trial run, and so seeing the Clarets games will not be as easy in Thailands many bars and pubs.
Because of this we have re-formatted the website, there is not a lot of point watching highlights  or reading other peoples reports just to re-hash them and put them onto the site, having said that we WILL, of course CONTINUE TO FEATURE WE SEE OURSELVES INCLUDING THE GAME REPORTS WE GET FROM THOSE THAT CONTRIBUTE BY SENDING THEM IN! So please keep sending reports and comments in if you have seen the game, it is even more important this year.
If you are coming to Thailand feel free to get in touch, we are happy to pass on information if we have it and even happier to meet and have a beer if you are in the area.
So here is to having fun and living a little, best wishes to all of our contacts and contributors from the past and our fellow overseas supporters groups especially our friends in Dubai and Tuscany. 
Last and not least our thanks to Burnley Football Club and Clarets Mad for their contributions and links.

A wider view... Clarets in Thailand should expand to be Asia?
Replies Needed!

Clarets in Thailand in its current on-line form is about 1.5 years old. Our followers are few but dedicated. Quite a high percentage are from outside of Thailand so I think it is time to consider;
  • morphing CiT to a Clarets Asia or Clarets South East Asia
  • introducing a formal membership
  • expanding the activities and content.

We need input on this so if you have a view, please click HERE and fill in the survey.
This survey will close on the 13 November 2017

If you are on the mailing list and or a member of the Facebook group you will receive communication via those mediums as well.

many thanks, al

Next Game Away to Norwich 06/11/10

The second of 2 critical away fixtures as we travel to 5th placed Norwich next weekend.
The away jinks still haunts us as we cant find a way to get 3 points away from the Turf.

Up the Clarets

CiT welcomes John B

John B meets CiT fans in Singapore
An announcement is expected from Burnley FC about the appointment of John Banaszkiewicz to the board of directors.
CiT first met with John as sponsor of the Clarets first ever trip to South East Asia in what was a fantastic tour of Singapore, July 2017.
There is a page dedicated to the Clarets tour of Singapore and you can go there by clicking HERE.
John took the trouble to come and meet with us on the first day before the game, much appreciated by us for such a busy man.

John comes across as a mild and extremely polite man whilst his success in business makes me feel that his appointment will be a very positive move for Burnley Football Club.
So welcome John B!

Well I'll Go t'Foot of our Stairs

Morecambe potted, Coyle clattered but Villa proved too strong as we took it to extra time and so the Carling cup is over for another season. When I got the news is just didn't matter, only promotion really matters this year. From all accounts we played well so the result the weekend after when Reading battered us 0-4 was a shock. Bad referee...blah-blah. Can we recover at QPR? Not enough to win it seems! What is it about the Clarets away? Last season This season. Last season it cost us the premiership and unless we pull the finger out it will do the same again this season. On top of that there is a serious danger that this could allow 1if not 2 Welsh teams into the Premiership, if that happens we will never hear the end of it.

UP the Clarets

CiT  Sponsor Chris Eagles

Click photo to go to page
Clarets in Thailand has taken player kit sponsorship for the 2017-2018 season sponsoring Chris Eagles. I am very proud that we can sponsor such a talented and loyal player. The sponsorship was confirmed at the Carling cup fixture against Bolton and what a cracking game to confirm our sponsorship with Chris winning the MOM and of course we know the result!

Clarets in Thailand Major Sponsor ChiangMai ToyRide

Clarets in Thailand are proud to be a Major Sponsor of ChiangMai ToyRide for 2017. 

ChiangMai ToyRide is a Not for Profit Organisation who provide a varied array of tangible help for the kids and the community in Thailand and the kids have lots of fun along the way.

If you want to read more about what ChiangMai ToyRide is about and why we sponsor them click on the picture and it will take you to the web pageJ