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About Clarets in Thailand

The Clarets in Thailand website is there for enjoyment and information. I hope you find it so.

Contributions, comments and input are all welcome and will be incorporated as appropriate. I reserve the right to use all or part of a contribution. Contributors are credited with their input unless they request otherwise. In contribution to the site you are allowing the use of the material provided.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
Copyright and Intellectual Property is retained by the owner/contributor who is also resonsible for having permission to use the content they have supplied. Credits are given unless contributors request otherwise either by the contribution or below. Sometimes I include material from the web or other sources where the origin or use is unclear, should owners of any copyrighted material wish to have their material removed please contact us via the Contact page.

No No's
Contributors must not post anything to this website that is in any way critical of the Thai Royal family, would break the laws of Thailand or the country that they live in. This site is hosted by Weebly and therefore their terms and conditions apply.

Naturally I will try to get things right but use of the information is at your own risk and I can't accept any responsibility if it leads you to destruction or worse.
Similarly the content of all external websites and links are outside of my control so, sorry I can't accept responsibility for that either. The translation facility utilises Google Translate  and as they are a mega company and this is a little fan club website, I can't accept responsibility for errors in the translation. Of course it has been noted that my original English may be a little suspect anyway but hey....

Many thanks to:-

  • CiT logos and CiT Jensen graphics  -------------- Paul Martindale
  • Translation capability---------------- Google