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Clarets in Thailand. Major Sponsor of ChiangMai ToyRide

Chiangmai ToyRide, hardly football related is it (not sure if to insert a “?” or a “!” here).  Well you may think so but take a few moments to read the stuff.

I am going to start with information about ChiangMai ToyRide (CMTR) for people who don’t know anything about it and finish with a section on the reasons I decided to sponsor them, some of which are unashamedly to try to benefit Burnley Football Club AKA “The Clarets” by trying to develop the fan base here in and around Thailand.

You will find links to ChiangMai ToyRide on this page and whenever you see the picture by the side of this paragraph.

What CMTR do

So what is it all about?

Well put simply it is an opportunity to give a little back and have fun whilst you do it (be sure to read what’s in it for The Clarets later on!)

Most of us “ex-pats” living here in Thailand or in another South Asian country are pretty fortunate and we enjoy a fair standard of living. We benefit from some fantastic scenery, a good climate get to watch Premiership football on the TV and, in my case, get to ride a motorcycle. Over here is doesn’t matter what bike you ride, it is the taking part that matters

So it’s good to give a little to the kids in hospital, help make a school a little bit better, provide some blankets and toys...


Here are some items from CMTR.


Chiang Mai ToyRide 2010: helping children in need with charity

motorcycle parade, party, food, live music, games and toy giveaway!


Chiang Mai, Thailand – 21 February 2010: On this festive Sunday morning, hundreds of riders on motorcycles of all types and sizes, laden with toys, games and stuffed animals, will parade through Chiang Mai and then create a massive pile of toys to be given to boys, girls and babies in need. Following the ride to the X-Centre Zorb Ball field, the charity party kicks off at noon with bands for kids, rock 'n' blues for farang, clowns, magicians, a monkey show, games and prizes for the kids, food from local vendors, awards for best decorated bikes and, once again, the highlight of last year’s event: the toy giveaway to the children!

All motorcyclists are invited to join the event whether their bikes are large or small. And there’s no admission charge: just bring along a new toy to warm a needy child’s heart.

• Annual Charity Motorcycle Ride and Party on Sunday, 21 February 2010

• Motorcycles of all sizes and riders of all ages welcome!

• 9:45 am – meet at Tesco Khamtien for the ride/parade through Chiang Mai

• Noon – party at X-Centre near Mae Rim with music, games, food and toy giveaway

• Admission/donation: one new toy and a great big smile!

It’s not just about the toys. With the generous donations from our sponsors and riders, we have given away hundreds of toys and blankets, athletic equipment, medical supplies and food to hundreds of children and their families. In 2009 we expanded our giving with our “Playgrounds Plus” program, which provides new playground equipment, educational and athletic supplies, or construction necessary for the well being of the students. These donations are individually tailored to each poor school, targeting kids who are “under the radar.” Besides our main fundraising event and “Children’s Day Remote,” a toy/blanket giveaway in a remote village, donations from individuals and businesses fund our Playgrounds Plus events throughout the year, as well as our annual Christmas Eve Giveaway in the acute care wards at Chiang Mai’s Maharaj Hospital when ailing kids get a visit from Santa bearing bags of stuffed animals.


Chiang Mai ToyRide 2010, what a good day that was!

So what’s in it for The Clarets?

Fair question, here are some answers from me, feel free to comment via the blog or contact page.


Ø  It’s not just the kids that have fun! ToyRide events are a lot of fun to go onJ

Ø  There are many Thai people who love football. OK most of them love Manchester United or Liverpool but by being there and putting the Burnley name about, maybe, just maybe we will attract a few.

Ø  There are many ex-pats with no team to support, some of them didn’t bother as kids, and some are from parts of the world where other games dominate.  Meeting them gives them a chance to join in and enjoy The Clarets

I could go on but I won’t.   I will simply say that if you are a visitor to this site via ChiangMai ToyRide and new to football (or soccer if you like) welcome, have a look and if you want to be a part of the unique group of people, The Clarets come and feel the spirit.