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Tax Accountants and New Tax Laws

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Tax Accountants and New Tax Laws

With the ringing in of the New Year, comes the inevitable…tax season!  This year, the new tax laws introduced by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes things for all of us.  It is time to sit down with an accredited tax advisor to review your unique situation.  At Arizona Tax Advisors, we are local tax accountants who work hard to provide tax services that go beyond just accurate numbers and ease of filing.  We take time to listen and get to know our clients.  We care about you and your circumstances.

For individuals, we offer personal tax preparation.  This often includes review of prior year returns.  Initial consultations are free.

We also specialize in small business accounting and small business tax.  We offer full service tax and accounting, including bookkeeping services for those who need them.

If you need corporate tax preparation, we are here to serve you as well.

The bottom line is always making sure you have the best possible answers to your tax questions…at every level.  Let’s start the new year by making your 2018 tax filing as stress free as possible, and begin the planning process for 2019 now!

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